To Wighansa

Fiercest goddess, iron clad Wisest one, swan maiden Called to battle, of great defence Thrust of spear, clash of shield Thanks given and wine poured To you giver of war’s wisdom

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To Magusanus

Good striker, wielding club Boasting deeds, guarding oaths Man’s friend, evils undone Lion-pelted greatest hero Thanks given and ale poured To you who gives strength and courage

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To Thingso

Stalwart, mighty, frithkeeper Who guards against all chaos Upholding order, man’s benefactor Good defender of holy moot Thanks given and ale poured To you who metes justice And safeguards those in need

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To Tiwisko

Good father, of gods and men Most divine, first of earth Steadfast, eternally, victorious Ever seeking greater glories Thanks given and wine poured To you, first of the gods

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To Maro-Ing

Great and joyous, holy god Peace bringer, gentle rain falls Of deep earth and brined wind The famed one blesses all Thanks given and wine poured To you who favor all

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To Merkur

Gallow walker, grim one Who looks into the deep Seize the hidden knowledge Bring to light it’s wisdom Wanderer, traveler Thanks given and mead poured To you who give sight for things unseen

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To Hiwa

Holy mother, bless’d light Brilliant flame of heav’n Comfort and peace Found in your light That leads us to wellbeing Thanks given and incense burned To you good mother to all

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